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"Bonnie, I just wanted to let you know how well we are doing after just one session with you! My daughter's ride competitively and play elementary basketball. they always tell me their muscles are sore and their neck, back & shoulders hurt. We took the combination, Copaiba, Balsam Fir & Frankincense and they have not complained of their aching muscles! You are truly a miracle worker! Jeff's back has felt better and I see alight at the end of this "funk" tunnel! LOL!!" 

"Hi Bonnie, I am so grateful for the work you did on our boys!!  They have been talking; the other two are eagerly anticipating your return.  Any time next week we will make work!!  I have been talking to my husband about it and even he is excited.  Let us know a time or if we need to haul them to your house because we will be happy to do that.  I am ordering the kit on your website tomorrow.  Thank you again and can't wait for next week!!"
- Robin

"I don't know what I would have done if you were not there for us..."

Helping Horses

These are a few of the horses we have been blessed to be able to help to a better place. 
Help for EQUINE Athletes
Serving North Eastern Colorado
Contact Bonnie McClure, ESMT at 970-395-0520 or Email
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* Enhanced EQUINE is NOT a substitute for veterinary care

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How Helped

EHV-1 Neurological


Rosie cutting

Rosie competed in the NCHA Western Nationals (winning the NonPro class) at Ogden, UT in May. Within days she was at Colorado State University’s Veterinary Hospital with confirmed EHV-1 Neurological disease. Her mobility was affected such that a sling was used for support. Upon discharge Rosie’s hind quarters were significantly impaired and a catheter was required to relieve her bladder.  Enhanced Equine care was employed to hasten her rehabilitation. In 4 months she was cleared by a Vet for training. October 2nd she won her NCHA Non-Pro class, and in February her owner/rider said “She is back to her strong self”.

Hole in Hip


hole in hip

These photos were taken about a week apart.  

Before: constant open wound seeping a pussy discharge.

After: wound has closed and pink healthy tissue is on the mend.  The really sad part of this before and after is that this mare had this hole in her hip for about a year. Owner applied an essential oil of Thieves several times a day for a few days.






Parasite Control


McClure Ranch

It has been years since we have used a paste wormer. We maintain around 20-25 head annually and have fecal counts done several times a year. The only internal parasite control we use on our horses is an essential oil called Di-Gize.  Several drops on the withers every 4 months and we are good. A single bottle, costing under $40, lasts more than 2 years.  To control those pesky ear flies we use the Young Living essential oil Purification mixed in with Animal Scents Ointment.  It keeps their ears soft and supple and bug free.