An Enhanced EQUINE session will propel your horse to excellence. It is most effective when used before competition or training and is critical in addressing soreness or behavior. Some tools used: Reiki, reflexology, acupressure, equine sports massage, essential oils, cranial balance.  A session checks for: polarity balance, vitamins and mineral deficiencies, parasites, ulcers, major organ functions, virus, bacteria, or fungus issues.

Help for EQUINE Athletes
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* Enhanced EQUINE is NOT a substitute for veterinary care

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Physiological Effects 

  • Increases athletic performance and endurance
  • Improves animals disposition
  • Releases endorphins (natures pain killers)
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Enhances muscle tone and full range of motion
  • Increases flow of nutrients  
  • Relaxes muscle spasms/relieves tension/alleviates stiffness 
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Identify problem or potential trouble spots in a effort to avoid injury OR sickness
  • Improves circulation of blood and other body fluids
  • Increases the excretion of toxins